Console Killed the PC Star?

Will Consoles kill PC gaming? I’ve seen this words on the lips of hundreds of journalists and an infinite number of gamers over the past few months as Microsoft and Sony flash their new consoles which both appear to have specs similar to the mainframe computers at NASA. Will PC gamers be tempted to Xbox Live and the shiny graphics? Have computers been literally owned? Well let’s see…

Well let’s first start by comparing hardware; sorry if this gets into techno babble. I’d call myself an above average spec’ed computer considering the Steams surveys show that most gamers have around the a 3 Ghz processor, a FX5200 graphics (which can hardly play anything tbh), and half a gig of RAM. Now those may beat the original Xbox, but the 360… well lets just have a peak… A Tri-Core processor, 48 pixel pipeline custom graphics, and 512 MB of RAM. The PS3 has a blue-ray DVD drive as well, which sounds all nice since it can hold games larger than a slight bellow average hard drive. The top of the line graphics for computer, the ATi X1900XTX (woo lots of X’s) can match this graphical splendour so the PC isn’t beaten here, and Intel has announced plans to release Tri-Core processors by end of this year or at least next, so while we have to wait, we’re getting there. However, for $400 you have to wonder what truck Microsoft stole that hardware off, as computers with that hardware will cost thousands.

But by far one of the biggest arguments for consol gaming is its simplicity. Its far easier to pop in a disk and pick up a controller when gaming with your mates than to spend time downloading third party programs to track your friends, finding servers – while not being able to play with a mate in the same room! Whilst PC wins on having a mouse (et tu Halo and any console FPS) and other peripherals, this doesn’t count as much as the widespread availability of consoles. Gaming is way past becoming mainstream and it did it on the back of consoles such as the Playstation and Nintendo 64, and this is the reason why we are getting infamous crappy console conversions so much, PC gamers are an afterthought. I am starting to panic for our dear PC.

But all is not lost yet….

There is one saving grace that will be the undoing of the consoles of the future and forever more, you cannot play game mods on them. I swear, I play more Half Life 2 mods than I ever have done the game – gameplay value shoots through the roof on the computer from us, the fans, who want to play it more! Console games cost like £40 and never change until they just disappear from the shelves, computer games start at £30 and fall to £5, by which time they have 100 times the replay value from the community fanbase developing mods.

Rock on, erm I mean Mod on!

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  1. Ian

     /  3 June 2006

    pretty much covered the main points there. yea consoles are cheaper and more widely used, but it will never KILL the pc as a gaming platform, maybe take center stage. but PC will always be there as long as there are computer litereate gamers.

  2. RobertB

     /  4 June 2006

    PC’s can do so much more than a console but consoles can allways run the games no matter what (hardware).
    I myself will allways be a PC fan 😛

    Thanks for the article, learned a few new things.

  3. I myself am a greater fan of the console, never having had a Pc that can run the games that I want to play. My favorites that are only Pc would have to be RTS games, like Battle For Middle Earth (Which sucks ass on the Xbox 360) and BBG, such as Tribal Wars. The first line of RobertB’s is completely and utterly correct. 😉

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