Et tu Physics?

Well physics, like graphics before it, is demanding its own PCI slot now. The questions is, will the sudden transformation of computer gaming happen again as it did with the invention of Voodoo cards? Will we sell our souls every few months for the latest trip of physics heaven like we do graphics?

In my opinion… No. No we will never crave things bouncing off walls realistically like we do the wall looking like it was handcrafted by the finest dwarf craftsman, but I do believe that physics could open a whole new style of gaming. Take a look at games sporting this next-gen technology, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter has hardly any difference and a lower framerate with the uber physics enabled. But then you get games like Cellfactor, games built from the ground up for hilarious physics fun and this, I believe, will be its primary or maybe only selling point.

Just watch the preview video, its as hilarious as it is awesome. Ageia have featured it mainly because it’s the only game that does the card justice! The main downside is that its seriously a next gen games so you need a super computer just to play it at medium, but really I can’t stress enough how much fun it looks. I can imagine most games being either based around the physics, or ignoring them basically and using the CPU instead – a tried and tested method.

A couple factors are running against Ageia’s claim to fame here: 1 Nvidia has worked with Havok, the owner of physics, and made their graphics card run physics although how well is unknown at this time. 2 Ageia originally was showing cards with no fans and for £100, but now are showing a faned card for twice that price. But what a card, it has a lot of cores (number unreleased) to process all the algebra, and about 2 TB/s bandwidth to the 128MB memory to store it all. Now 2 TB/s is pretty good, heck its awesome because graphics cards are pushing it getting to 50 GB/s – about 40 times less!

Still, I still feel that the technology needs developing, both on the hardware and software side so it becomes a fully integrated part of a gamers system. But you never know, maybe it will die off if not enough games support it enough to be worth the purchase.

So Remember: PPU is not for You… yet!

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