Industry Update

With all the chatter of PS3 and Wii, nothing really has surfaced for pc gaming lately. All the major sources have been blank so I'm just going to highlight anything of interest.

First we have something odd that Gabe Newell from Valve said, seeming to show that Half Life 3 will be episodic…

Eurogamer: Why did you change the name from Aftermath? We liked the name.
Gabe Newell:
Errr… I… I think that Aftermath was almost a temporary name. I always thought of it as Episodes One through Three because that's how we planned the products out. I think people thought we'd need a name for them, and Aftermath ended up being more confusing than helpful. Probably a better name for it would have been Half Life 3: Episode One, but these three are what we're doing as our way of taking the next step forward, but Half-Life 2 was the name we used.

Next, it seems an expansion to the huge space mining simulator MMORPG Eve Online is coming out at the end of the month titled "The Path to Kali".

Lastly the Half Life 2 mod, Fortress Forever, apparently is going to released soon based on the huge amout of finished looking screenshots on the mainpage. Three Cheers there!

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