Crysis Multiplayer

Long time no post! Well I’m back from the US and I have become imediatly interested in the new Crysis Multiplayer information.

Crysis MP will feature four game modes ‘Tactical Deathmatch’, ‘Tactical CTF’, ‘Tactical team DM’, and tact- no, just ‘power struggle’. Power struggle is the token ‘innovative game mode’ here, something that seems to be a theme in new FPS games these days. Power Struggle has you fighting for either America or Korea with the objective to destroy the enemy teams base. As your sucsess in battles grows you can spend credit on upgrades for your weapons and armour and the like. (more…)


E3 Murdered

E3 has just been downsized by almost a tenth (50,000 to 6,000) and has been moved out of LA. Additionally the date has been changed to June as opposed to May, but this is more a blessing for developers than a curse.

Read more here.

Guild Wars


You have been playing 130 hours over the past 25 days.

Yep, this is an indepth review. I went on holiday, and thought about the game almost every few minutes. Once I got home I tried to write the review, but got sucked back in. Dammit.


Back from Lake District

Just got back from holiday, I’ll write up a review of Guild Wars asap, and start playing Rise of Legends which I got. Ordered Factions aswell.