Guild Wars: Nightfall Released

Yes I’ve been playing nightfall constantly since release, and now am level 20 with my paragon. Look forward to a review in a week.

EDIT: So far, Nightfall is better than prophecies. Buy it.


Review: Company of Heroes

Damn oppression, pushing us down and telling us what to do… Nazi… Teachers… wait, no I need to keep on topic… damn homework. Company of Heroes is the latest title to be fed out by Relic, the makers of classics Dawn of War and Homeworld – and like both those titles, this game is gorgeous and more unique than any other title out there. Relic are masters. (more…)

Review: DEFCON

Launches detected. Alerts sounding. Nuclear missiles are falling around you. Tokyo hit, 12 million dead. Calcutta hit. 5.4 million dead. Hong Kong hit. 6.9 million dead. Is this the apocalypse? No! It’s DEFCON! The latest gem to be plucked from the brains of Introversion. The developer responsible for under-appreciated classics such as Darwinia and Uplink. Once you get over the thermonuclear genocide your inflicting on your opponent, it’s a game that becomes quite addictive due to its large number of strategic possibility’s available from such a restrictive amount of units.



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Including Full coveage of the London Games Festival’s foray into the World Series of VideoGames!
Also with full DEFCON review, Company of Heros review, Frets of Fire feature and more news you read yeasterday! …but opinionated!