1 Line Reviews of New Games


  • Dawn of War: Dark Crusade 81% – Same Formula, slightly faster, Necrons are as fun as they look
  • Guild Wars Factions75% – Too fast and too hard. Exhausting quickly.
  • Guild Wars Nightfall91% – Holds your hand through it with a better story than Prophecies, but is very hard. I wouldn’t recommend someone just jumping into the games with Nightfall.
  • Eldars Scrolls 4: Oblivion 97% – The near perfect RPG. If only it was a MMO.
  • FEAR 94% – Almost as good as Half Life 2, but too easy. Could be scarier, but it made me jump.

Demo’s and Trials

  • FEAR: Extraction Point 82% – good bast with the minigun, but does not feel like FEAR and isn’t as scary. Not by Monolith.
  • Eve Online69% – Everything looks so amazing… wow… I wish I knew how to do that… tutorial is hours long and far too much information.
  • Warhammer: Mark of Chaos – Graphically Impressive like DoW was. Not as large or as tactical as Total War but it is fun, and nice to have the same army at beginning and end of a match.
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  1. So you liked the progressive level scaling of Oblivion? I still don’t know what to think about it, it is kinda…. strange.
    It gives the opportunity to find content for your level everywhere because obviously the full game is at your level, but in this way it takes away your motivation to level up, no?

    To EVE Online I would give a 95%. It is a game that requires some time before you can actually enjoy it, but when you finally do it it’s a smash 😉


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