About the site

1337speak was established on the 31st May 2006, dedicated to providing news, reviews and speculation on the PC gaming industry for the end users – people like us, fellow gamers. The creators, Ian and Tim, are both students in the same college, are both intense gamers, and involved in game mod communities, abite being interested in different genres.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, we are as lazy as you. We report on alot when we play alot of games, and less so when we don’t. If you want to help report in a field that you feel we are lacking, then email and we’ll reply asap.

We like…

  • Valve. Alot.
  • Content Delivery systems *cough* Steam
  • Good games
  • Guild Wars
  • Indy games
  • Subways

We do not like…

  • Hax0rs
  • Lag
  • EA
  • Bad Games
  • You. We love you.

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