Mass Effect falls into the ‘Orgasm’ catagory of game engines

Along with the likes of Crysis and ET: Quake Wars, Mass effect definitely joins the next gen orgasm inducing game engines, as shown by a recent video, comprising of entirely in game engine footage. Bioware are kings of the RPG genre as shown by the excellent Knights of the Old Republic. Allot of classic RPG components are seen to be present here, multiple choice dialogues (now more interactive seeming than ever), customizable weapons and equipment and a huge amount of realistic locations to visit, however it is clear that Mass Effect also introduces many elements of other genres most noticeably the Sci Fi and FPS aspects of the game come across clearly and looking sublime and impressive. Definitely the RPG for all sci fi fans to be looking out for.


Firefly resurrected as MMO title!

The Sci Fi series famous for being butchered by fox, cancelled, and then succeeding so well on DVD that it warranted a good feature length film, is now in development as an MMO! Firefly is the collision of the trains from sci-fiville and weasternburg at awesome speed. Fans of the series should be rather excited about now, but to us, the game is critically dependant on series creator Joss Whedon and his involvement. I’m sure the firefly universe is big enough for an MMO and god knows how many expansions, but expanding the universe wont work unless the firefly feeling is kept.

My first question about the game now is; Will Reavers be playable? 😀

Review: DEFCON

Launches detected. Alerts sounding. Nuclear missiles are falling around you. Tokyo hit, 12 million dead. Calcutta hit. 5.4 million dead. Hong Kong hit. 6.9 million dead. Is this the apocalypse? No! It’s DEFCON! The latest gem to be plucked from the brains of Introversion. The developer responsible for under-appreciated classics such as Darwinia and Uplink. Once you get over the thermonuclear genocide your inflicting on your opponent, it’s a game that becomes quite addictive due to its large number of strategic possibility’s available from such a restrictive amount of units.



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If I had a thousand cars…

Heres a video youve probably seen on joystiq or CAD earlier in the week. I post it now because its a great reminderof how some games are just. plain. fun. Trackmania has always been one of those games. theres a great demo out there so give it a whirl. [Linky]
theres something about this video which is inherently fascinating, like watching a school of fish or a waterfall… of cars…

Crysis Multiplayer

Long time no post! Well I’m back from the US and I have become imediatly interested in the new Crysis Multiplayer information.

Crysis MP will feature four game modes ‘Tactical Deathmatch’, ‘Tactical CTF’, ‘Tactical team DM’, and tact- no, just ‘power struggle’. Power struggle is the token ‘innovative game mode’ here, something that seems to be a theme in new FPS games these days. Power Struggle has you fighting for either America or Korea with the objective to destroy the enemy teams base. As your sucsess in battles grows you can spend credit on upgrades for your weapons and armour and the like. (more…)

X-Fire review

One program many of you wil have come across time and time again is X-Fire, and with good reason, x-fire is growing in popularity as one of the most usefull server browser and chat programs avaliable. for use with games. This handy program works like any other Instant Messenger software, with friends lists ans voilce support, but its biggest hook is the way it works with games. x-fires built in server browser allow you to find and join servers for most games out there, with support growing with popularity. x-fire can also track what games you play and for how long, creating profiles for users, giving those hardcore players yet more bragging rights.

However X-fire has a few weaknesses lowering its desirabiliaty. whilst the fact it is skinnable is a plus, the interface, moreso when skinned, is thick and cramped, leaving little room for large server lists and search options. talking of server searches, the options can be somewhat limited on some games and the results can even be completly irrelevant in cases, for example confusing Day of Defeat and Counterstrike servers. however for the most part x fire is a solid gaming utility not to be overlooked. the game tracking and friends are more than enough to make it a viable addition to your desktop, the file network a oft useful bonus. and the server browser while faulty is perfectly useable. if your a frequent online gamer, id recommend you definatly give it a try at the least, its well worth the download.

X-Fire main Site

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. not vaporware?

PC Game World is reporting a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. release date! a game which many belive firmly to be vaporware, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernoby entices us with a release date of Q1 2007! the game was first announced to release in 2003 so Im not holdimg my breath, but it does show that the possibiliaty of it being finished within this decade isnt too far fetched. now if only Duke Nukem forever could take a hint.

"We have a pleasing news for you today: the release date of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl has been officially fixed as Q1 2007. We will keep you posted regarding the more specific release timing of the game."

From the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Website.


Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

the next installment of Relics fast paced action orientated RTS Dawn of War is soon to be upon us. Dark Crusade improves on their previous somewhat overpriced expansion by offering not just one but two new races, along with their own respective campaigns. The expansion adds to the game the Necron race (think futuristic techno-zombies), slow, undead and very evil; as well as the Tau (something long predicted by fans of the series), an alien race that are definitely the good guys of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. you can take a look at the new races by checking out the two videos available at Gamespot as well as the other usual haunts.

Pirate Bay sinks

It is a rather sad day for bit torrent fans everywhere. Swedish purveyor of torrent files, (the largest in the world) The Pirate Bay, was raided by Police last night who seized all servers in the building and arrested two members of the network. This also included servers from Piratbyran, who merely defend the rights of the Pirate Bay in public debate. Policed seized servers to examine for any illegalities. TPB will remain down at least until the police investigation is complete. beyond that is unknown…

The problem here is that TPB has only hosted torrent files, files that contain the necessary information to direct a bit torrent client to locate a desired file – this means that TPB is not actually hosting any copyrighted material. However constant pressure from the entertainment industry has encourage Swedish authorities to move against TBP, weather or not TPB can be prosecuted is debatable, but seemingly unlikely due to Sweden's relaxed copyright laws.

Another interesting part of this event is that TPB holds a certain degree of political power in Sweden. The Pirate Party is a party that aims to reform copyright law in Sweden and remove the current patent system. The Pirate Party is currently making a bid for parliamentary representation in the upcoming elections this September.

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