Steam Gets Fixed – Finally

[Update] Half Life 2: Episode 1 has now been release. it clocks in at around 6 hours gameplay aparantly and is the first part of 3 episodes continuing the Half-Life saga. Expect a full review sometime soon…

steamlogoIt appears that there was a severe game cache fragmentation in the Source games, which has been fixed by the latest update. Apparently this update will improve the efficiency by "600%" and was accomplished by the wonders how the steam system, using the crashes and slowdowns monitored via, it was able to narrow down the problem to the huge fragmentation.

This update also includes the full release of the steam friends system, now out of beta, allowing users to keep track of other players and friends in game and out. the update also coincides with the release of the fourth Episode 1 teaser.

I for one am relieved, since my Day of Defeat Source time has been cut short allot lately from crashes – and I would like to brush aside anyone critical of steams omniscience or usability. Long live Steam.