X-Fire review

One program many of you wil have come across time and time again is X-Fire, and with good reason, x-fire is growing in popularity as one of the most usefull server browser and chat programs avaliable. for use with games. This handy program works like any other Instant Messenger software, with friends lists ans voilce support, but its biggest hook is the way it works with games. x-fires built in server browser allow you to find and join servers for most games out there, with support growing with popularity. x-fire can also track what games you play and for how long, creating profiles for users, giving those hardcore players yet more bragging rights.

However X-fire has a few weaknesses lowering its desirabiliaty. whilst the fact it is skinnable is a plus, the interface, moreso when skinned, is thick and cramped, leaving little room for large server lists and search options. talking of server searches, the options can be somewhat limited on some games and the results can even be completly irrelevant in cases, for example confusing Day of Defeat and Counterstrike servers. however for the most part x fire is a solid gaming utility not to be overlooked. the game tracking and friends are more than enough to make it a viable addition to your desktop, the file network a oft useful bonus. and the server browser while faulty is perfectly useable. if your a frequent online gamer, id recommend you definatly give it a try at the least, its well worth the download.

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