Guild Wars: Nightfall Released

Yes I’ve been playing nightfall constantly since release, and now am level 20 with my paragon. Look forward to a review in a week.

EDIT: So far, Nightfall is better than prophecies. Buy it.


Crysis Multiplayer

Long time no post! Well I’m back from the US and I have become imediatly interested in the new Crysis Multiplayer information.

Crysis MP will feature four game modes ‘Tactical Deathmatch’, ‘Tactical CTF’, ‘Tactical team DM’, and tact- no, just ‘power struggle’. Power struggle is the token ‘innovative game mode’ here, something that seems to be a theme in new FPS games these days. Power Struggle has you fighting for either America or Korea with the objective to destroy the enemy teams base. As your sucsess in battles grows you can spend credit on upgrades for your weapons and armour and the like. (more…)

Nightfall PvP Weekend

Well I’m gonna try and review the two new classes from Guild Wars Nightfall, using only the half an hour I was playing before I go off on holiday – so sorry if anyone disagree’s.

Dervish: Sythe weiding warrior class. Almost as much armour, can only use sythes (but they are damn good), and has lots of skills for beefing up himself and his teammates. Wind Prayers can make you travel faster and do cold damage, while earth prayers give you earth damage (duh) and increase armour. Its mostly Elementalist really.  I really love the sythe because it does damage to everyone around the person you attack! The skills are also good, but I just went as a ranger secondary class and turned all my seconardy skills into beastmastery – which worked quite well actually. The primary skill, Mysticism, is there to counter the disadvantage of being a warrior with low energy. It gives him health and energy after every enchantment, a good much needed boost.

Paragon: A commander unit with a spear for medium ranged attacks. While this guy doesn’t excel in combat he is capable to defending himself (unlike monks and mesmers), but his main purpose is to chant and shout at his teammates – giving them health, energy and damage bonuses. Leadership, is basically like Mysticism, giving you energy – except it gives you energy for everyone in your command.

gw005.jpg gw006.jpg gw008.jpg gw009.jpg gw010.jpg

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

Turning back the clock from 40k’s excellent Dawn of War by Relic, Black Hole Entertainment is making an RTS off the original warhammer. Interesting trailers sporting the graphics of the DoW intro movie can be found here. Its sure shaping up to be a good little brother, but somehow lasers and dreadnoughts seem far cooler than bows and swords.

Prey Preview

Hmmmm… prey tell, can I talk about a game? Well lets see, this game is (quite obviously) based on the Doom 3 engine, inspired by Quake 4 and indian culture while blending in loads of little sci fi things that we all love. Prey is a game all about an alien invasion of Earth, by guys who don’t seem to interested in sharing. While the Strogg want to turn you into on of them, these guys just want to commit mass genocide. I’ve only played the demo, but already I see its awsome.

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade

the next installment of Relics fast paced action orientated RTS Dawn of War is soon to be upon us. Dark Crusade improves on their previous somewhat overpriced expansion by offering not just one but two new races, along with their own respective campaigns. The expansion adds to the game the Necron race (think futuristic techno-zombies), slow, undead and very evil; as well as the Tau (something long predicted by fans of the series), an alien race that are definitely the good guys of the Warhammer 40,000 universe. you can take a look at the new races by checking out the two videos available at Gamespot as well as the other usual haunts.