Attempting to play Dark Messiah

Well, Dark Messiah demo was great fun but however the game is a little troublesome. Bugs in the installer, bugs in the starting up, crashing in the game. Definetly needs an cleanup. If I can get it to work I will be doing a review.



BRB. promise. Bigger and Better.
Including Full coveage of the London Games Festival’s foray into the World Series of VideoGames!
Also with full DEFCON review, Company of Heros review, Frets of Fire feature and more news you read yeasterday! …but opinionated!

Lets talk about life…

Sorry for no updates, but we haven’t heard much, and we’ve been busy with school. (And I’ve been busy with Guild Wars, almost 250 hours total).

Only new game I have played lately that was interesting is Dark Messiah of Might and Magic (demo). Its a really awsome and gritty melee combat game, made even more so since its First Person instead of 3rd like most sword games. I really love the combat and I might buy it… nah probably not but I recommend it to anyone with more money than me.

Back from Lake District

Just got back from holiday, I’ll write up a review of Guild Wars asap, and start playing Rise of Legends which I got. Ordered Factions aswell.

Games Addiction in Progress

I’m addicted to Dawn of War (Warhammer 40k RTS) again and Ian is addicted to Guildwars, we’re both going to write reviews of the games once we get over it, and once we settle more back into school after exam leave (which was wisely spent starting this site).

In hardware news, the Intel Core Duo 2 processor has been released for the LGA775 socket. Results look good, its faster than the AMD FX-62 and costs a small fraction. Also the Geforce 7950 X2 has been unleased which I previewed earlier.

In gaming, a few new games are being released soon that should be highlighted: First, Titan Quest from the co-creator of Age of Empires, Brian Sullivan. Seems to be another singleplayer RPG to consume time lately. Also Prey is coming out next month and, while sounding odd, looks technically sound. (something about a Cherokee Indian getting into big portals and loads of magic etc)

Well thats it, tune in later!

Sorry Busy Today

Yeah both of us are having a LAN party, lol. We'll probably write a DIY on how to have one after.

In the Beginning

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