The Generations of Gaming

I have been thinking about this for a long time, and I do believe that the future of Gaming will be without interface as graphics reach new heights and gamers demand more innovation.

1st Generation (The Past): Information is given to the user in the form of text. Enviroments and problems are described to the player, and the player responds by typing. No immersion. Think Zork.

2nd Generation (The Present): There is a Forground and background for the player. The background shows the enviroment of the player, while the foreground shows text and interface to help the player analysis their situation. Can become immersive.

3rd Generation (The Future): The forground interface is removed. Now all the players needs are displayed in the background for complete immersion and cinematic gameplay. Need to check your ammo? Check the ammo gauge on your gun, or the arrows in your bag, or check how many bullets you have in your magazine! How do you know your player is tired? Because he is breathing heavy and running slower. What about your health? Simply look down at your body, see any bleeding or cuts?

4th Generation (Far Future): Virtual Reality, you are the freaking player.

Oh course this is all speculation, but everyone I’ve talked to does believe this would be a huge step to immersing the players and reinvent how games are played.


Et tu Physics?

Well physics, like graphics before it, is demanding its own PCI slot now. The questions is, will the sudden transformation of computer gaming happen again as it did with the invention of Voodoo cards? Will we sell our souls every few months for the latest trip of physics heaven like we do graphics?


Console Killed the PC Star?

Will Consoles kill PC gaming? I’ve seen this words on the lips of hundreds of journalists and an infinite number of gamers over the past few months as Microsoft and Sony flash their new consoles which both appear to have specs similar to the mainframe computers at NASA. Will PC gamers be tempted to Xbox Live and the shiny graphics? Have computers been literally owned? Well let’s see…