E3 Murdered

E3 has just been downsized by almost a tenth (50,000 to 6,000) and has been moved out of LA. Additionally the date has been changed to June as opposed to May, but this is more a blessing for developers than a curse.

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Pirate Insurance

After the Piratebays big show of how the swedish piracy laws are utter pants, another Swed thought it would be a good idea to sell insurance just in case someone ever did get busted for file sharing. Thats right, for only $19 a year you can be protected from the FAA and other movie giants around the globe – you even get your own T-Shirt! (reading “I got convicted for file-sharing and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”). The maker, Braath says that he started the business to make a statement at the Swedish government for making filesharing a criminal activity under a new law, and that low that since no one is getting conviced he could probably keep going with it.

Pirate Bay Back Up


Its seems that TPB are seeking compensation for the downtime, suing the government. Full article here.

After 4 days of being offline after the 50 policeman raid, The Pirate Bay is back online however it doesn't appear to have this latest attack under any such news post on the main site or its blog. I'll keep you updated on what happens when it becomes apparent.

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Pirate Bay sinks

It is a rather sad day for bit torrent fans everywhere. Swedish purveyor of torrent files, (the largest in the world) The Pirate Bay, was raided by Police last night who seized all servers in the building and arrested two members of the network. This also included servers from Piratbyran, who merely defend the rights of the Pirate Bay in public debate. Policed seized servers to examine for any illegalities. TPB will remain down at least until the police investigation is complete. beyond that is unknown…

The problem here is that TPB has only hosted torrent files, files that contain the necessary information to direct a bit torrent client to locate a desired file – this means that TPB is not actually hosting any copyrighted material. However constant pressure from the entertainment industry has encourage Swedish authorities to move against TBP, weather or not TPB can be prosecuted is debatable, but seemingly unlikely due to Sweden's relaxed copyright laws.

Another interesting part of this event is that TPB holds a certain degree of political power in Sweden. The Pirate Party is a party that aims to reform copyright law in Sweden and remove the current patent system. The Pirate Party is currently making a bid for parliamentary representation in the upcoming elections this September.

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