The Generations of Gaming

I have been thinking about this for a long time, and I do believe that the future of Gaming will be without interface as graphics reach new heights and gamers demand more innovation.

1st Generation (The Past): Information is given to the user in the form of text. Enviroments and problems are described to the player, and the player responds by typing. No immersion. Think Zork.

2nd Generation (The Present): There is a Forground and background for the player. The background shows the enviroment of the player, while the foreground shows text and interface to help the player analysis their situation. Can become immersive.

3rd Generation (The Future): The forground interface is removed. Now all the players needs are displayed in the background for complete immersion and cinematic gameplay. Need to check your ammo? Check the ammo gauge on your gun, or the arrows in your bag, or check how many bullets you have in your magazine! How do you know your player is tired? Because he is breathing heavy and running slower. What about your health? Simply look down at your body, see any bleeding or cuts?

4th Generation (Far Future): Virtual Reality, you are the freaking player.

Oh course this is all speculation, but everyone I’ve talked to does believe this would be a huge step to immersing the players and reinvent how games are played.


Attempting to play Dark Messiah

Well, Dark Messiah demo was great fun but however the game is a little troublesome. Bugs in the installer, bugs in the starting up, crashing in the game. Definetly needs an cleanup. If I can get it to work I will be doing a review.

Guild Wars hits 3 million sold

Guild Wars has just hit 3 million units sold, although this sounds impressive, and it is, it isn’t as impressive as you may think. This includes expansions, which users like me have bought the original and both expansions. Realistically there are probably 1.5 million accounts. Watch out World of Warcraft!

Press Release here 

Mass Effect falls into the ‘Orgasm’ catagory of game engines

Along with the likes of Crysis and ET: Quake Wars, Mass effect definitely joins the next gen orgasm inducing game engines, as shown by a recent video, comprising of entirely in game engine footage. Bioware are kings of the RPG genre as shown by the excellent Knights of the Old Republic. Allot of classic RPG components are seen to be present here, multiple choice dialogues (now more interactive seeming than ever), customizable weapons and equipment and a huge amount of realistic locations to visit, however it is clear that Mass Effect also introduces many elements of other genres most noticeably the Sci Fi and FPS aspects of the game come across clearly and looking sublime and impressive. Definitely the RPG for all sci fi fans to be looking out for.

Firefly resurrected as MMO title!

The Sci Fi series famous for being butchered by fox, cancelled, and then succeeding so well on DVD that it warranted a good feature length film, is now in development as an MMO! Firefly is the collision of the trains from sci-fiville and weasternburg at awesome speed. Fans of the series should be rather excited about now, but to us, the game is critically dependant on series creator Joss Whedon and his involvement. I’m sure the firefly universe is big enough for an MMO and god knows how many expansions, but expanding the universe wont work unless the firefly feeling is kept.

My first question about the game now is; Will Reavers be playable? 😀

1 Line Reviews of New Games


  • Dawn of War: Dark Crusade 81% – Same Formula, slightly faster, Necrons are as fun as they look
  • Guild Wars Factions75% – Too fast and too hard. Exhausting quickly.
  • Guild Wars Nightfall91% – Holds your hand through it with a better story than Prophecies, but is very hard. I wouldn’t recommend someone just jumping into the games with Nightfall.
  • Eldars Scrolls 4: Oblivion 97% – The near perfect RPG. If only it was a MMO.
  • FEAR 94% – Almost as good as Half Life 2, but too easy. Could be scarier, but it made me jump.

Demo’s and Trials

  • FEAR: Extraction Point 82% – good bast with the minigun, but does not feel like FEAR and isn’t as scary. Not by Monolith.
  • Eve Online69% – Everything looks so amazing… wow… I wish I knew how to do that… tutorial is hours long and far too much information.
  • Warhammer: Mark of Chaos – Graphically Impressive like DoW was. Not as large or as tactical as Total War but it is fun, and nice to have the same army at beginning and end of a match.

Guild Wars: Nightfall Released

Yes I’ve been playing nightfall constantly since release, and now am level 20 with my paragon. Look forward to a review in a week.

EDIT: So far, Nightfall is better than prophecies. Buy it.

Review: Company of Heroes

Damn oppression, pushing us down and telling us what to do… Nazi… Teachers… wait, no I need to keep on topic… damn homework. Company of Heroes is the latest title to be fed out by Relic, the makers of classics Dawn of War and Homeworld – and like both those titles, this game is gorgeous and more unique than any other title out there. Relic are masters. Read the full post »

Review: DEFCON

Launches detected. Alerts sounding. Nuclear missiles are falling around you. Tokyo hit, 12 million dead. Calcutta hit. 5.4 million dead. Hong Kong hit. 6.9 million dead. Is this the apocalypse? No! It’s DEFCON! The latest gem to be plucked from the brains of Introversion. The developer responsible for under-appreciated classics such as Darwinia and Uplink. Once you get over the thermonuclear genocide your inflicting on your opponent, it’s a game that becomes quite addictive due to its large number of strategic possibility’s available from such a restrictive amount of units.

Read the full post »


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